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Past Papers

Your exam board will feature some recent past papers as well as specimen papers (papers representative of an exam paper that weren’t actually used in exams). Find the links in My Exam Board.


If you want more juice for your tank, read on…


In the (emerging!) long tradition of bringing you the coolest, most useful and vetted resources for your A level biology journey, The A Level Biologist presents you


Jamie over there has curated all the historical exam papers by subject and specification (yes, there are other subjects apart from biology) which are available to view freelyBackhand Index Pointing Down on Apple iOS 11.3



If you can’t get enough of the papers (they go waaay back, which is useful as content tends to get recycled… like fashion; so the most recent past papers will be very different to what you will get on an upcoming exam) or can’t figure out exactly what the answers are to collect all the marks available (hey, neither can I Hear-No-Evil Monkey on Apple iOS 11.3), then guess what?


Every past paper comes with its counterpart mark scheme too!


And as if that wasn’t enough, The A Level Biologist has only gone and hooked you up with a massive 20% discount on full membership of so you can benefit from all past papers and all mark schemes.


Go check it out and use the discount code TheALevelBiologistIsMyBaeForever.



Ok I lied. It’s AB20. BYE!

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You explain everything so simply! 

SecretDuck The Student Room

Just a huge thank you for spending your time helping others. I love your site and I'm seriously very grateful. No word of a lie

Neuron13 The Student Room

You're such a G. Helped me so much, finally found someone who breaks biology down into something I can understand!!!

Alex Contact Form

I bookmarked the site 

translucent The Student Room

OMG them videos are great! You're a goldmine - and I'm a gold digger ;)

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