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Hi, we’re The A Level Biologist – Your Hub, but you can call us TAB.

Our mission is to provide you with the tools you need to ace your biology A-level, SAT or IB. We’re here to make sure you get the result you want, without losing your love for science along the way.

We know how stressful this time can be. Our Founder Arian started TAB nearly a decade ago as a source of revision and support for your studies. Essentially, he started TAB to stop the stress and solitude of revision.

Now it’s grown into a hub of brilliantly useful resources that are ever-growing. TAB is also becoming a community so you never feel alone if you can’t quite get your head around that one topic.

TAB was created for YOU, A-level, SAT and IB biology students. No matter what exam board or year, we have the relevant study material. This is your platform, so if you need something extra let us know and we’ll look into making it happen.

Outside of the spec we also have the TAB Podcast interviewing the best minds in biology (and beyond!) as well as letting you in on insights on popular topics. Past guests have included gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, dentist Mariana Visan and biohacker Giulia Tomasello.

Good luck with your studies and keep in touch!


You explain everything so simply! smile

SecretDuck on The Student Room


TAB is great! I use it all the time because it explains things in a simple way making it easier to remember key facts as you go through the course.

AndrewKn0x on The Student Room


Thank you!! Your site is so helpful!

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Thank you for making all the content btw!

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