Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exam board and specification?

An exam board is the party responsible for devising the subject specification and exams e.g. AQA or WJEC. The specification (spec) is a document that outlines everything you need to know to prepare for the exam. This includes modules, skills and definitions. 

Some are more detailed than others, and they undergo reviews and updates periodically. The spec will help you follow your studies in a structured manner. On The A Level Biologist, all topic and module names are from the spec itself.

Does the content cover everything in the specification?

Yes, it covers every single aspect of the spec

The only part we can’t get hands-on with is practical skills. The clue is in the title and you’ll need certain equipment and reagents to do it.  As much as we’d love to send Founder Arian over to your lab, we’re worried he might get lost. But, we can be with you in spirit. TAB is full of in-depth coverage of many practicals, equipment and diagrams to help you on your way. 

Is The A Level Biologist – Your Hub all I need for my exams?

Biology is a diverse subject with lots of great (and not so great) resources out there to learn from. It’s important that you check out lots of different resources to widen your scope of knowledge. Dusty textbooks aren’t everything; look at notes, diagrams, past exam questions and add your own thoughts along the way. What’s important is finding credible sources that speak to you. We have plenty of suggestions to hand out for further reading. 

How do you know which resources are the right ones for you? Simple, read a few sentences. If you feel like continuing, then that’s the right resource. If you feel like sticking your head under a waterfall, then move on and find something better. 

It’s not about the answers, it’s about the search. So search well.

I’m more of a kinaesthetic or auditory learner. How do I learn biology?

This question was asked on The Student Room, and Tobiasoned had the answer.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the website already but TAB has videos embedded into many pages for many topics, with pictures for almost everything I’ve used. 

Need we say more?

Can I use The A Level Biologist – Your Hub content for Edexcel A or B Biology or a different specification?

Some specs by the same exam board e.g. Edexcel A and Edexcel B Biology are very similar. The actual content per topic or module is the same (knowledge is universal), but the name of topics or order may be different. In this case, you can still use the content but would have to double check your spec. Exam board resources including specifications are on their websites.

Additionally, many topics that aren’t covered in one spec are in another one. Lucky for you TAB gives you access to hundreds of different topics from all exam boards. You can search for odd topics or even peek into some area not required by your spec just for fun.

Is The A Level Biologist – Your Hub just for students aiming for an A or A*?

Absolutely not. It’s for everyone! 

If the content veers into more detail, it’s not just to help you get a high grade. It’s because we think it’s pretty interesting.

How do I access The A level Biologist – Your Hub content?

Receive access to all content by becoming a member here. Membership subscription is charged monthly.

What does my membership of The A Level Biologist – Your Hub enable?

Your monthly fee gives you access to a huge range of materials that will help you ace your A-levels. Yes, we know there is lots of free content out in the world. Our costs (only a little) so our team can manually check the content is credible and relevant to your exam. That way you know you’re getting to the good stuff. 

Education shouldn’t be exclusive. If you’re keen to join but need some financial aid take a look at our Scholarships.

We also use your membership fees to support local and international charities.

Is membership of The A Level Biologist – Your Hub flexible?

Yes. Our mission is to help you with your studies. Whilst biology might seem like magic, there are no tricks involved here. 

What is your refund policy?

We’ll be sad to see you go but you can end your membership at any time here.

What other resources do you recommend?

There is a vast exam and mark scheme database over at Save My Exams! that is free to access for exam papers. It also offers membership to students who wish to access the respective mark schemes as well. The A Level Biologist – Your Hub has an offer code for that. Use AB20 for a 20% off discount on your membership.