✍️ Revision Tips

There are some things that you really ought not to do during an exam. Download this tongue-in-cheek guide to rocking exams with a smile on your face. 

These moody posters are perfect for decorating a study room. But remember, within each snarky tip there lies a tough kernel of truth that could not have been arrived at through anything other than harsh experience 🚽


Here’s a more practical tool. This spreadsheet is very useful for scheduling your revision timetable.

You input the number of topics you have to revise, the number of days available and the number of hours available per day.

The tool calculates how many hours and days you can allocate for each topic, making it easy to create your revision calendar and helping you stick to it. If your plans change, you can quickly update your calculations. Download the revision calculator now.


A classic walkthrough of the fundamental strategies for revising well. This video highlights the steps you need to take to organise your learning, form memory-training habits and feel secure and confident in your revision.

Filmed in Arian’s London kitchen during his PhD studies. Long story.


Check out a microbiology lab. These pieces of equipment are at the heart of molecular biology: shaker incubators, centrifuges, autoclaves and cuvettes.

What’s not at the heart of microbiology is walking around in plain clothes and open flames. This was 2015, ok? And the lab in question got shut down for some reason 🤷‍♂️


The most popular video on the channel. Somewhat dated, granted.

You may still find some nugget of wisdom among the top 5 tips for studying biology. In the background, a glimpse of the aforementioned kitchen.

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If you’re wondering what questions you may be asked during a university interview, this one’s for you.

Are they about discovering your potential and way of thinking, or more about seeing what you already know? Find out now.



There’s no easy way of learning about FSH, LH, oestrogen and progesterone, and how they go up and down in random ways over a cycle. Or is there?

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