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The Mathematical Reason We Need So Many Sperm Cells

Welcome to this podcast about all the things we've learnt from sperm. ???? You can now support TAB Podcasts with your chosen donation and title ???? Script Learn from sperm ♪ tuneIntro Hiya, how’s it going?[Once the sperm cell enters the egg, its tail falls off.]...

PhD Premiere: AI & Mental Health with Dr. Kasia Kozdon

Welcome to this podcast about eye-opening artificial life anecdotes, personal stories and insights, interweaved with the reality of a PhD viva held over Zoom, and the opportunities and challenges of working in AI startups. ???? You can now support TAB Podcasts with...

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Oleksandr Yagensky, PhD in Molecular Biology

Nice storytelling and a great choice of topic for the episode. I hope it’s the first of many. Keep it up! (LinkedIn)

Areeb Shujaat, Financial Consultant

It’s a wonderful show to watch for almost anyone. You just need to have curiosity and love for learning. (Stitcher)