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Season 1

Season 1 includes back-to-basics research advice that anyone can use; an interview with an NSH dentist; an
interview with the preeminent Dr. Aubrey de Grey; a journey into the X and Y chromosomes; an interview with a
medical engineer at University of Cambridge; a chat with an undercover science writer; an interview with an
interaction designer working to empower female health; a science sing-along with award-winning artist; a candid
chat with Toby about what healthcare means; and of course, all the stats on you, the audience!

Season 2

Season 2 kicks off with a bang as Covid19 sweeps the globe. In episode 2 we examine the anatomy of getting into science by tracing back Arian’s journey in light of hurdles that mirror the strange year of 2020.

Oleksandr Yagensky, PhD in Molecular Biology

Nice storytelling and a great choice of topic for the episode. I hope it’s the first of many. Keep it up! (LinkedIn)

Areeb Shujaat, Financial Consultant

It’s a wonderful show to watch for almost anyone. You just need to have curiosity and love for learning. (Stitcher)