🎈 Passive Transport

Diffusion = the spread of particles from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration, until the particles are evenly spread out.
Diffusion takes place when you use a spray in a room, for example. The particles in the spray move randomly, knocking each other, which results in them spreading throughout the room gradually, from high concentration to low concentration. Therefore,Β diffusion acts down (or along) a concentration gradient.
It is important to know what affects theΒ rate of diffusion. These are:
1.Β Surface areaΒ – the greater the surface area, the faster diffusion will occur
2.Β Difference in concentrationΒ – the higher the difference (the steeper the gradient), the faster diffusion will take place
3.Β The thickness of the exchange surfaceΒ – the thicker the exchange surface, the slower the rate of diffusion.
Of course there are other factors such asΒ temperatureΒ (increased kinetic energy results in faster diffusion) and theΒ diffusion pathway (distance). The latter is a side effect of (3.) The thickness of the exchange…

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