Module 1 Biological Molecules
Topic 1 Monomers and Polymers  
Topic 2 Carbohydrates  
Topic 3 Lipids  
Topic 4 Proteins  
Topic 5 Many proteins are enzymes  
Topic 6 Structure of DNA and RNA  
Topic 7 Replication of DNA  
Topic 8 ☕ ATP  
Topic 9 Water  
Topic 10 Inorganic Ions  
Module 2 Cells
Topic 1 ⚙️ Structure of eukaryotic cells  
Topic 2 Structure of Prokaryotic Cells and of Viruses  
Topic 3 Methods of studying cells  
Topic 4 All cells arise from other cells  
Topic 5 Transport across cell membranes  
Topic 6 Cell recognition and the immune system  
Module 3 Organisms exchange substances with their environment
Topic 1 Size and Surface Area  
Topic 2 Gas exchange  
Topic 3 Digestion and absorption  
Topic 4 ❤️ Mass transport in animals  
Topic 5 Mass transport in plants  
Module 4 Genetic information, variation and relationships between organisms
Topic 1 DNA, genes and chromosomes  
Topic 2 DNA and protein synthesis  
Topic 3 Genetic diversity can arise as a result of mutation or during meiosis  
Topic 4 Genetic diversity and adaptation  
Topic 5 Species and taxonomy  
Topic 6 Biodiversity within a community  
Topic 7 Investigating diversity  

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