Module 1 Neurobiology and behaviour
Topic 1 (Core) Neural development  
Topic 2 (Core) The human brain  
Topic 3 (Core) Perception of stimuli  
Topic 4 (AHL) Innate and learned behaviour  
Topic 5 (AHL) Neuropharmacology  
Topic 6 (AHL) Ethology  
Module 2 Biotechnology and bioinformatics
Topic 1 (Core) Microbiology: organisms in industry  
Topic 2 (Core) Biotechnology in agriculture  
Topic 3 (Core) Environmental protection  
Topic 4 (AHL) Medicine  
Topic 5 (AHL) Bioinformatics  
Module 3 Ecology and conservation
Topic 1 (Core) Species and communities  
Topic 2 (Core) Communities and ecosystems  
Topic 3 (Core) Impacts of humans on ecosystems  
Topic 4 (Core) ⛰️ Conservation of biodiversity  
Topic 5 (AHL) Population ecology  
Topic 6 (AHL) ⚡ Nitrogen and phosphorus cycles  
Module 4 Human physiology
Topic 1 (Core) Human nutrition  
Topic 2 (Core) Digestion  
Topic 3 (Core) Functions of the liver  
Topic 4 (Core) The heart  
Topic 5 (AHL) Hormones and metabolism  
Topic 6 (AHL) Transport of respiratory gases  

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