Module 1 5. Energy transfers in and between organisms
Topic 1 Photosynthesis
Topic 2 Respiration
Topic 3 Energy and Ecosystems
Topic 4 Nutrient Cycles
Module 2 6. Organisms respond to changes in their internal and external environments
Topic 1 Survival and response
Topic 2 Receptors
Topic 3 Control of Heart Rate
Topic 4 ⚡ Nerve Impulses
Topic 5 Synaptic Transmission
Topic 6 Skeletal muscles are stimulated to contract by nerves and act as effectors
Topic 7 ✋ Principles of homeostasis and negative feedback
Topic 8 Control of Blood Glucose Concentration
Topic 9 ⚖️ Control of blood water potential
Module 3 7. Genetics, populations, evolution and ecosystems
Topic 1 Inheritance
Topic 2 Populations
Topic 3 Evolution may lead to speciation
Topic 4 Populations in ecosystems
Module 4 8. The control of gene expression
Topic 1 Alteration of the sequence of bases in DNA can alter the structure of proteins
Topic 2 Most of a Cell's DNA is not Translated
Topic 3 Regulation of Transcription and Translation
Topic 4 Gene expression and cancer
Topic 5 Using genome projects
Topic 6 Recombinant DNA Technology
Topic 7 Differences in DNA between individuals of the same species can be exploited for identification and diagnosis of heritable conditions
Topic 8 Genetic Fingerprinting