Module 1 Nucleic acids
Topic 1 DNA structure and replication  
Topic 2 Transcription and gene expression  
Topic 3 Translation  
Module 2 Metabolism, cell respiration and photosynthesis
Topic 1 Metabolism  
Topic 2 Cell respiration  
Topic 3 Photosynthesis  
Module 3 Plant biology
Topic 1 Transport in the xylem of plants  
Topic 2 Transport in the phloem of plants  
Topic 3 Growth in plants  
Topic 4 Reproduction in plants  
Module 4 Genetics and evolution
Topic 1 Meiosis  
Topic 2 Inheritance  
Topic 3 Gene pools and speciation  
Module 5 Animal physiology
Topic 1 Antibody production and vaccination  
Topic 2 Movement  
Topic 3 The kidney and osmoregulation  
Topic 4 Sexual reproduction  

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