Module 1 Option A. Immunology and Disease
Topic 1 ⚠️ Pathogens  
Topic 2 Cholera  
Topic 3 Tuberculosis  
Topic 4 Smallpox  
Topic 5 Influenza  
Topic 6 Malaria  
Topic 7 Virus pathogenicity and mode of reproduction  
Topic 8 Antibiotics  
Topic 9 Immune System  
Topic 10 Vaccination  
Module 2 Option B. Human Musculoskeletal Anatomy
Topic 1 ⚙️ Structure of cartilage  
Topic 2 Bone components and their function  
Topic 3 Bone disease  
Topic 4 Skeletal muscle  
Topic 5 Sliding filament theory  
Topic 6 Muscle contraction fuels and conditions  
Topic 7 The skeleton and fractures  
Topic 8 Vertebrae and deformities  
Topic 9 Skeleton function  
Topic 10 Joint types  
Topic 11 Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis  
Topic 12 Joints as levers  
Topic 13 Forelimb muscle action and the role of tendons  
Topic 14 Synovial joint structure  
Module 3 Option C. Neurobiology and Behaviour
Topic 1 Human brain structure and function  
Topic 2 ⚖️ Sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems  
Topic 3 Hypothalamus  
Topic 4 Sensory and motor areas in the cortex  
Topic 5 Language and speech  
Topic 6 Brain study techniques  
Topic 7 Brain development and neuroplasticity  
Topic 8 Gene expression and the brain  
Topic 9 Reflex, taxis and kinesis  
Topic 10 Learned behaviour  
Topic 11 Social groups  
Topic 12 Insect social structure  
Topic 13 Dominance hierarchies in vertebrates  
Topic 14 Courtship behaviour and sexual selection  

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