Module 1 1. Development of practical skills in biology
Topic 1 Practical skills assessed in a written examination
Topic 2 Practical skills assessed in the practical endorsement
Module 2 2. Cells, chemicals for life, transport and gas exchange
Topic 1 Cells and microscopy
Topic 2 Water and its importance in plants and animals
Topic 3 Proteins and Enzymes
Topic 4 Nucleic Acids
Topic 5 The heart and monitoring heart function
Topic 6 Transport systems in mammals
Topic 7 Gas exchange in mammals and plants
Topic 8 Transport systems in plants
Module 3 3. Cell division, development and disease control
Topic 1 The developing cell: cell division and cell differentiation
Topic 2 The developing individual: meiosis, growth and development
Topic 3 The development of species: evolution and classification
Topic 4 Pathogenic microorganisms
Topic 5 The immune system
Topic 6 Controlling communicable diseases
Topic 7 The cellular basis of cancer and treatment
Topic 8 Respiratory diseases and treatment