Module 1 1. DNA and the Genome
Topic 1 🧬 The structure of DNA
Topic 2 πŸ’½ Replication of DNA
Topic 3 πŸ”§ Control of gene expression
Topic 4 🌱 Cellular differentiation
Topic 5 πŸ“œ The structure of the genome
Topic 6 β˜€οΈ Mutations
Topic 7 🦚 Evolution
Topic 8 πŸ’» Genomic sequencing
Module 2 2. Metabolism and Survival
Topic 1 🧰 Metabolic pathways and their control
Topic 2 βš™οΈ Cell respiration
Topic 3 πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Metabolic rate
Topic 4 🐍 Metabolism in conformers and regulators
Topic 5 🌑️ Metabolism and adverse conditions
Topic 6 🧫 Environmental control of metabolism
Topic 7 πŸ₯Ό Genetic control of metabolism
Topic 8 ⚠️ Ethical considerations in the use of microorganisms β€” hazards and control of risks
Module 3 3. Sustainability and Interdependence
Topic 1 β›… Food supply, plant growth and productivity
Topic 2 πŸ… Plant and animal breeding
Topic 3 🌾 Crop protection
Topic 4 🐷 Animal welfare
Topic 5 🀝 Symbiosis
Topic 6 πŸ€— Social behaviour
Topic 7 🏜️ Mass extinction and biodiversity
Topic 8 🏭 Threats to biodiversity

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