Module 1 1. Sexual reproduction in humans
Topic 1 ⚽ Ovary, testis, oogenesis and spermatogenesis
Topic 2 🀰 Menstruation, gestation and lactation
Module 2 2. Sexual reproduction in plants
Topic 1 🌺 Flowers, pollen and ovules
Topic 2 πŸ’ Pollination and double-fertilisation
Topic 3 πŸ’ Seed, fruit, germination and the hormone gibberellin
Module 3 3. Inheritance
Topic 1 🏡️ Alleles and Mendelian inheritance
Topic 2 πŸ€” Chi squared test
Topic 3 ♂️ Sex linkage in haemophilia and Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Topic 4 πŸ”¬ Gene mutation in sickle cell anaemia and chromosome mutation in Down's syndrome
Topic 5 β˜€οΈ Mutagens, carcinogens and oncogenes
Topic 6 πŸ”§ Epigenetics
Module 4 4. Variation and evolution
Topic 1 🍭 Causes of variation between individuals
Topic 2 🀽 Gene pool
Topic 3 πŸ‚ The Hardy-Weinberg principle
Topic 4 πŸ¦„ Speciation and natural selection
Module 5 5. Application of reproduction and genetics
Topic 1 πŸ₯Ό Human Genome Project and its implications
Topic 2 πŸ§ͺ PCR, gel electrophoresis and GMOs
Topic 3 🧫 Genomics, gene therapy and stem cells

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