Module 1 1. All organisms are related through their evolutionary history
Topic 1 Classification of organisms
Topic 2 Kingdoms: Prokaryotae, Protoctista, Plantae, Fungi, Animalia
Topic 3 Genetic fingerprinting
Topic 4 Biodiversity
Topic 5 Measuring biodiversity and natural selection
Topic 6 Adaptation
Module 2 2. Adaptations for gas exchange
Topic 1 Gas Exchange Adaptations
Topic 2 Insect and fish gas exchange
Topic 3 Human gas exchange
Topic 4 Structure of the angiosperm leaf
Module 3 3. Adaptations for transport
Topic 1 Earthworm, insect, fish and mammal vascular systems
Topic 2 Mammalian circulation
Topic 3 Haemoglobin
Topic 4 Tissue fluid
Topic 5 Plant transport
Module 4 4. Adaptations for nutrition
Topic 1 Types of nutrition
Topic 2 Unicellular nutrition in Amoeba and multicellular nutrition in Hydra
Topic 3 Human gut adaptations and digestion
Topic 4 Herbivore and carnivore adaptations
Topic 5 Parasites