🛡️ Environmental protection

Microorganisms can be used to recover ecosystems when environmental disasters such as oil spills occur.

Oil spills pollute oceans, rivers and their ecosystems because they are very dense, toxic and difficult to break down or fit into the existing ecosystem.

Oil spills are the result of the petroleum industry that extracts huge amounts of oil quickly for the world’s energy needs. When extraction is compromised or there is an accident or human error, oil spills can occur in the surrounding environment such as in the middle of the ocean or nearby a river.

The spills then spread out of control and spell disaster for the environment, its plants, animals and human settlements.



Oil represents an instant fire hazard, can contaminate drinking water, hurts birds and mammals, causes respiratory distress, preventing some animals from finding their young due to the strong smell of oil, causes organ damage and failure in some species, and can damage air quality.



Physical and chemical procedures are used to deal with oil spills, in addition to bioremediation. Adding hydrocarbon-degrading bacteria to the spill site helps to gradually remove the oil and restore…