๐Ÿงช Gene technologies (OCR)

Handling mRNA


As previously covered, mRNA is messenger RNA i.e. the molecule that takes the genetic information encoded by DNA (transcription) and brings it to the ribosome to initiate translation of the code into a polypeptide.


The production of mRNA in human cells is not a simple transcription of DNA, as previously seen. The pre-mRNA is the simple transcript of DNA, but the mature mRNA has to be spliced first, as well as go through a couple of post transcriptional edits before being ready for translation at the ribosome site.


Why is this significant for gene technologies? Gene tech relies on using genetic information in DNA to accomplish various feats. However, eukaryotic DNA contains introns that are not used as code for the desired product. Therefore, a sequence of DNA without introns must be produced.


This is accomplished by using a mature mRNA sequence and decoding it in reverse back to DNA. The enzyme used for this is reverse transcriptase. This produces a usable DNA sequence free of…