Limiting factors (CCEA)



Gross photosynthesis

Net photosynthesis = gross photosynthesis – respiration


CO2 concentration

Light intensity




The rate of photosynthesis can be monitored as a function of either CO2 uptake or O2 production.


Since organisms that photosynthesise (such as plants) also undergo respiration (to have usable energy from the food they just made through photosynthesis), the relationship between the amount of photosynthesis and the amount of respiration that takes place at any time can be analysed.


Photosynthesis taken alone is the gross photosynthesis taking place. After accounting for any respiration that is using up the products of photosynthesis, extra products of photosynthesis amount to the net photosynthesis.


net photosynthesis = gross photosynthesis – respiration


The point at which photosynthesis and respiration are taking place at the same rate is called the compensation point.



If photosynthesis had no limiting factors, what would glasshouse growers have to exploit?



Precisely. Photosynthesis, just like all other physiological processes in living things as well as chemicals and beyond, is subject to external influences. The main factors that weigh in on the efficiency and….

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