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Location of palisade cell in a leaf 

The role of the cell wall is multi-fold

Plant Cell Chloroplast Structure

Thylakoid What is the stroma made of?

What is the outer membrane and inner membrane made of?




The example for this topic will be (as per the specification) a palisade cell from a leaf. This is where palisade cells are located within a leaf:



Location of palisade cell in a leaf


They are just beneath the cuticle – very close to the leaf surface. You need to be familiar with the appearance of a palisade cell under an optical microscope. Without further ado, I present to you the stunning palisade cell:



Look at the black and white image. That is a micrograph of a leaf showing palisade cells along the surface. The blob in the centre that looks like a face is a palisade cell. The spheres lining its perimetre are chloroplasts. Can you spot the nucleus? Each palisade cell is surrounded by its cell wall which is made of cellulose.


The role of the cell wall is multi-fold:


  • Provides the plant with strength
  • Prevents the cell from bursting due to water flooding in by exerting pressure against water flow.
  • Gives tissues mechanical strength e.g. plants that rise high above the ground
  • Maintains the cell’s specific shape

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