👨‍⚕️ Bone disease

Rickets (osteomalacia in adults)


Rickets is a bone softness conditions affecting children, often following from malnutrition, and causing bone fractures and other symptoms. It is one of the most prevalent childhood diseases in developed areas. The cause is insufficient calcium, vitamin D or phosphorus, sometimes passed on during pregnancy as the foetus develops.


Symptoms are bone fragility and deformities such as bowed legs in toddlers and windswept knees in children, as well as dental, pelvic and spinal deformities and problems.

Osteomalacia is an equivalent condition that occurs in adults, mainly due to vitamin D deficiency. It can also develop due to a lack of sufficient calcium or phosphate, or due to calcium resorption. Symptoms are diffuse pain throughout the body, muscle weakness and bone fragility.


Treatment for rickets and osteomalacia involves supplementation of vitamin D alongside calcium to redress mineral homeostasis. This also acts as a preventative measure against…