🧫 The cellular basis of cancer and treatment

Risk factors and causes of cancer


Apart from specific, easily identifiable pathogens such as bacteria or viruses which can cause disease, another major cause of disease is lifestyle. Lifestyle includes the choices that we make in regards to our food, drink, whether we smoke or use drugs, certain jobs we do, even the place where we live.

The way we can measure the impact of certain lifestyle choices is by knowing risk factors. Certain diseases like cancer and coronary heart disease are associated with certain risk factors, such as smoking and obesity. On the flip side, changes in lifestyle are also associated with a decrease in risk of contracting these diseases.


A key risk factor for bowel cancer is diet. Specifically, consumption of processed and red meats has been positively correlated with the incidence of bowel cancer, while consumption of fibre from whole grains, fruit, vegetables and enough water has been negatively correlated with bowel…