🧫 Cells

Specifically, this topic is about the epithelial cells lining the small intestine. These cells are animal cells, and their function is to absorb nutrients as part of digestion. This is what epithelial cells look like under a light microscope:

The core components of cells are the outer membrane, the cytoplasm (substance inside which contains all other stuff) and the nucleus (contains DNA). All the other stuff is made up of various components with specific functions – these are called organelles. The ones you must know about are:

1. Plasma membrane, including cell-surface membrane
2. Microvilli
3. Nucleus
4. Mitochondria
5. Lysosomes
6. Ribosomes
7. Endoplasmic reticulum
8. Golgi apparatus.

A bit about each…

Plasma membrane = thin boundary between cell and…